10 lemons cut in quarters

A clean and thoroughly dried glass jar

Salt 5 tbsp

10 dried chill – byadige

5 dried chili – guntur

1/2 tbsp asafetida

1/2 tbsp fenugreek seeds

1/4 tbsp turmeric powder

1/2 tbsp mustard seeds

Oil for seasoning


  1. Add the Sliced lemons in a glass jar
  2. Squeeze 4-5 lemons into the jar and add it into the jar
  3. Add salt and mix well. Seal the jar
  4. Keep it in sunlight for 15 days mixing every two days in a clean and dry spoon
  5. After 15 days the lemons would have turned soft
  6. Dry roast chili, mustard, fenugreek seeds and make a fine powder
  7. Add turmeric to above mixture and mix with other spices
  8. Add the spice mixture between every layer of lemons
  9. Mix well make sure all the pieces of lemon is coated well
  10. Add some more lemon juice if needed
  11. Close the lid and leave it for another 15 days mixing occasionally with a clean and dry spoon
  12. After 15 days the pickle is soft and juicy
  13. Heat oil in a pan add mustard, asafetida . Remove from flame when mustard starts crackling and pour over the pickle.
  14. Allow it to cool and store it in Air tight container

Serve with meals!!

Tip: You can refrigerate the lemon mixture without adding the seasoning.

Add the seasoning (oil, mustard, asafetida) for small quantity as per use.