1- make a smooth paste of mascarpone and powdered sugar. Keep aside
2 – whip up heavy cream till it forms peaks. You can add a flavouring agent vanilla or pineapple
3 – mix together mascarpone and cream mixture
Keep in mind it should be cold and the consistency should be like stiff whipped cream
4- you will need 2 cans of pineapple with syrup
5 – take ladies finger biscuits (store bought) dip it in pineapple syrup and form a base layer in a large serving dish
6 – top it with the cream and mascarpone mixture
7 – layer it with pineapple
8 – arrange another layer of biscuits, cream, pineapple
9 – repeat till it reaches the rim of your serving dish
10 – place in fridge overnight for best results, serve chilled