I wanted the flavours from plum to be at its peak and not from the gram flour or any other ingredient used in making burfis. Hence, I kept the texture light and soft which would have been a bit harder otherwise as in normal burfis.
Therefore I thought its more appropriate if its called halfi  because its shaped and made like burfi with a texture of halwa 😉

I had never eaten or seen fresh plums in India. I only knew the flavour of plums in juices. In Belgium, summer is the best time to eat loads of this goodness. Fresh fruit definitely tastes so much better. It’s so difficult to ignore these richly coloured fruits.I read that plum is the  juiciest fruit in the stone fruit family. And no doubt it is!!

This sweet dish, in my opinion, is very easy to make as its less stressful with measurements and procedure. It’s difficult to go wrong, I think.
You can do it with bare minimum ingredients.I used jaggery as a healthy alternative as it gives a very different taste to sweets compared to sugar. And I like it.

The halfi just melts in your mouth and you will be pleasantly surprised with- the sweet explosion from jaggery, the nuttiness from pistachios, a slight tartness from plums-the feeling  that is just unexplainable.

Buying Plums: Look for plums which are smooth, have unbruised skin and firm flesh that yields when gently squeezed. If it feels soft at the place where the dimple meets the stem, they’re ripened and ideal to use.Avoid bruised,split plums. I used garnet plums.


10-12 ripened plums washed thoroughly
3 tbsp Gram flour
A tiny pinch of salt
1 cup Jaggery
Pistachios or any other nuts to garnish
1/4 teaspoon ghee to grease the plate

Makes around 10 pieces


1. Cut the plums into half , remove the stone and chop them very fine or alternately you can put them in the blender and blend for 15 sec. No need to strain or remove the skin as it’s not noticeable when eaten because it gets cooked thoroughly.
2. Transfer it to a pan and start heating it (medium flame).
3. Stir occasionally so that it does not stick to the bottom.
4. As you are cooking , the plums start to melt and form like a puree, the colour gets brighter. When it starts giving a nice fruity aroma, its cooked. Approximately it takes 10 – 12 minutes. It also smells like red wine, if your familiar 😉
5. Add Jaggery,a pinch of salt and stir well till jaggery is completely dissolved.
6. Add gram flour little by little stirring continuously not forming lumps.
7. Let it cook for another 8 minutes on low flame . Keep stirring in between. (The consistency reaches like a very thick batter)
8. Grease a plate with ghee and pour the plum mixture in the plate and even it out.
9. Let it cool completely. Add pistachios and pat it slightly into the plum mixture so it sticks well.
10 . Freeze for an hour cut it into pieces and serve.

A blast of fruit flavour in your mouth is a sure thing 🙂


– Based on the ripeness/sweetness of the plums you use you can adjust the quantity of jaggery.
– As mentioned earlier I wanted to have the flavour of plum very dominating so I did not add too much gram flour. You can add more gram flour if you want it more like a burfi  (a bit more harder). It tastes good too and the shelf life is more.You can add up to half a cup of gram flour.
– You can add a pinch of cardamom powder if you like, I did not add as I thought the plum flavour is strong enough.
– You can also add a teaspoon of ghee, it gives a nice glaze to the halfi.
– This sweet like other burfis wont leave the sides of the pan and ooze out ghee/oil. Once its cooked for 10 minutes before adding jaggery,gram flour and 8 Minutes after it should be done.(Use your judgement here.)
– If you follow until step 5 you could use the plum mixture to top pancakes, ice creams,smoothies,to make plum cakes etc… it tastes too good!!