For as long as I can remember, I have been going to Mysore. The most awaited part in this trip is taking a coffee break at the right junction.Even after a gluttonous meal you have a strong desire to stop and savor Maddur Vade-  a crispy delight . You suddenly feel the need to take this intentional break even if it’s most unbefitting.
No matter what, there is always place for maddur vade with a sip of fresh filter coffee.

I never imagined It could be so easy to make it.I thought homemade maddur vada would not come close to the ones you get in those food joints. BUT , It turned out to be  just like the one got from there(no exaggeration whatsoever!)



3/4 cup Maida/All purpose flour
4 tbsp Coarse semolina
1/2 cup Rice flour
1 Red onion
1/2 tbsp Red chilli powder
10- 15 curry leaves
7-8 Green chillies or as desired
1/2 teaspoon asafoetida
1/2 cup finely chopped coriander
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Butter or Oil
Oil to deep fry
1 cup (or as required)of water to mix the dough

Makes 21 Maddur vadas



1. In a pan warm up rice flour and Maida.Not more than 2 minutes.Transfer to a mixing bowl.
2. Heat butter almost smoking hot and pour it in the mixing bowl over the flour mixture.
3. Add Semolina, salt, chilli powder, asafoetida into the mixing bowl and mix well. Be careful while touching the hot content.
4. The mix will look like coarsely crushed cookies.Keep it aside.
5. While the above mixture is resting cut onions, green chilli, curry leaves.
6. After 10 min of resting add onions,chilli,curry leaves, coriander and mix everything. Use your hands and mix thoroughly so the juices from onions are absorbed in the dry mixture.
7. Using 1 tbsp water at a time start mixing and forming a dough. When it forms one big lump stop adding water and knead for 2-3 minutes. Close it and keep aside.
8. Heat oil in a Kadai to deep fry maddur vadas.
9. When the oil is almost getting heated take small portion of the dough, roughly 1 tbsp and flatten it on your palms ,alternatively do it on a butter paper where you can do many at a time. Keep the thickness as you like roughly a little less than  1/4 inch.
10. Slowly drop these maddur vade into the hot oil on medium flame. Do not overcrowd the kadai 2-3 at a time is good.
11. After a minute flip it, fry evenly on both sides till its golden brown(~takes 3 minutes). When you notice the onions browning its done perfectly. Remove onto a clean kitchen towel.
12. Repeat the same for all. Let it cool and the crispy delight is ready.


  • If your making large quantity it is recommended (after step 6)to add water and make the dough in small portions so the dough won’t  get soggy from onions.
  • Pouring hot butter/oil on the flour is mandatory as it helps to get crispy vade, do not SKIP it.
  • Make sure you deep fry enough otherwise the crispness is lost.