Munching on a small amount of fennel seeds or betel nut after a heavy meal at home or parties is a common sight and enjoyed by one and all. It completes a meal for a few.

As I read how  fennel seeds can be paired with so many varieties of nuts and seeds, I was impressed. There can be umpteen variety to suit any taste bud. You can make it totally healthy, sweet version, spiced version and many more…

More than the content I was fascinated by how colorful it looked. Little did I know it had loads of health benefits.

I stumbled upon this on the internet and decided it would be a nice try ,very different from the “usual cooking”.

It’s not only a mouth freshener but a good digestive aid.

There are plenty of varieties available from very simple to fancy ones in the market.

I tried my version with the ingredients I could get my hands on and It turned out to be a fun exercise.

I’m convinced with this and is surely going to be in stock in my pantry 🙂

fennel seed mixture



200gm Fennel seeds

100gm Flax seeds

100gm White Sesame seeds

100gm Poppy seeds

Candied ginger/lime/lemon/orange peels

100gm finely chopped dried Cranberry

100gm of mixed Hawaiian nuts (roasted coconut, dried pineapple,dried papaya…)

(optional) 30 Dates to fill in the fennel seed mixture – I used Medjool dates

mix of dried fruits
poppy seeds,flax seeds,sesame


  1. On a low-medium flame dry roast separately flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds till it slightly changes color and gives a good aroma.

Optional : you could very coarsely grind the above after its cooled completely. I did.

  1. Dry roast fennel seeds and allow it to cool.

Optional : Transfer the cooled fennel seeds to a sifter and pat it against your palm to remove the poky edges from fennel seeds . It leaves a cleaned and smooth texture of the seeds.

  1. Grind together cranberry ,pineapple, coconut etc..or other sweetener you wish to use in a blender for 15 sec.
  2. In a large bowl add together poppy seeds, fennel seeds, flax seeds, sesame, cranberry mix and combine well.
  3. Slit open a date ,remove the seed, and put a teaspoon of the above mixture, and my personal touch a strand of candied ginger or lime peel, and try to seal it by pressing the open ends close so the mixture remains inside. Repeat for all dates and store in airtight containers.




  • Using dates is optional, you could follow till step 4, add candied peels and store the mixture in clean jars.
  • I haven’t used any extra sugar as I have filled the mixture in dates and candied peels have some sugar which balances the taste.
  • In step 3 you could use dry fruits of your choice for sweetness with additional sugar if desired
  • Adding or deleting any ingredients with fennel seeds to suit your taste is perfect.
  • Extra jazz to add:

Colorful sweetener

Sugar coated fennel seeds


Peppermint oil

Betel nut

Cherries, tutti fruiti

Gulkand (rose petal sweetener)

Clove, cardamom powder

Melon seeds

Chocolate chips

…. And your creative mind  🙂



Drinking a glass of water after eating fennel seeds leaves a sweet , refreshing after taste feels so cool !!!!