Im Madhuri from Bangalore, India. Software Engineer by profession.

Presently living in Belgium with my husband.

I have a strong liking for Jewelry, Good Food, travelling J



I was very familiar to eating healthy food at home every day or eating out occasionally. When I’m hungry there is food at home or outside. I din’t have to think too much, any kind of food craving would be satisfied instantly. I’m very motivated and awed when I see a recipe that uses simple ingredients from your pantry and makes something very different I could have not imagined. It could be as simple as using Pea in a dessert, A Drink with Paan, Zucchini noodles etc.. I love to see how its created and used differently. So I cooked when I came across such a recipe.

When I moved to Belgium it suddenly changed I had to plan a meal ,shop for the right ingredients,cook  and Eat. Looked like a lot of steps involved between being  hungry and happily eating.

It was so hard for any restaurant to please my taste buds. And eating out everyday was not my cup of tea. I always had interest and love for cooking so it wasn’t hard to take it up.

According to me cooking is science and art.  Learning the nuances of the trade is so essential. If right ingredients are added at the right time in right quantity you have a beautifully crafted dish , if its done incorrectly  need I say more? Getting familiar with these processes is so satisfying. I have thoroughly loved the Journey.

I have made so many dishes when I see a few clicks of those I start to think, Oh! I prepared so many varieties. And I almost forgot how its made 😉 So keeping track of them was a good Idea hence this blog. Another inspiration was other food bloggers who have showcased their stunning work. I wanted to join the troop and see what best I could do.

As I write this blog to keep track of some of the recipes which I tried . It’s not an unknown or coming from another land recipes . It’s an amalgamation of recipes not necessarily in the same order , from Internet , what I felt like eating , what’s in the kitchen to cook , what my brain settles for and what I finally got to the table to eat !
So , If you would like to see what I tried and I am proud of Please feel Free 🙂 .

Of course my first inspiration to cook was from Mom , GrandMom and Rama Aunty. To add to it my dad and mom and now my husband got  all kinds of delicacies which got me introduced to a variety of food . So craving for yummy food was always a norm . My brother and Husband have always been the best targets to eat and enjoy food whether it was the best or a blunder .

CAUTION: I sometimes (actually most of the times )follow my way of doing things so the recipes may be as different as night and day compared to the “authentic recipes”.