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Cold Bites

Ice cream BOMB!

_mg_8766This Ice cream BOMB explodes in your mouth, flooding the tongue with pure splendor, the layers of ice cream melts away with tidbits of cake in between, the taste and feeling is nothing short of heaven.

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Mouth freshener with fennel seeds and candied ginger/lemon


Munching on a small amount of fennel seeds or betel nut after a heavy meal at home or parties is a common sight and enjoyed by one and all. It completes a meal for a few.

As I read how  fennel seeds can be paired with so many varieties of nuts and seeds, I was impressed. There can be umpteen variety to suit any taste bud. You can make it totally healthy, sweet version, spiced version and many more…

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Kaju & kesar kulfi


Whole Milk ¾ litre
Saffron strands  10-12
Finely chopped Cashew  20
Condensed Milk 1 cup
Cardamom powder  ¼ teaspoon

Makes around 8 Kulfis


1. Heat Milk in a thick bottom pan on low to medium flame until it almost reaches roiling boil.
2. Take a few spoon of hot milk in a small bowl and add saffron strands and allow it to soak. Keep Aside.
3. Add 1 cup Condensed milk (~add more or less according to preference )into the milk and stir well until it thickens. (Do not add sugar as condensed milk helps keeping the kulfi together)
4. Add cardamom powder and mix well. Take if off the flame.
5. Add Saffron strands and milk . Combine well.
6. At this point if needed blend the milk mixture in a mixer for a smooth consistency. If you like strands of milk in between then skip this step. I would recommend blending it.
7. Add chopped nuts and mix well. If needed you can fry it and add.
8. Let the mixture cool.
9. Once cooled pour in Kulfi molds and refrigerate for 6-8 hours.
10.When removing the kulfi from the mold run it under Lukewarm water for 15 seconds , tap it between your palms and remove it. It comes out clean.

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