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Flat beans palya

flat beans palya 2

Palya is a South Indian version of stir frying vegetables. Its a very common accompaniment for chapathi(flat bread) or rice. Based on the vegetable it is prepared in different ways, numerous variations.

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Crispy corn bhel



Crispy corn Bhel  is a scrumptious, palate cleansing tangy savory snack(chaat).

From eating sweet corn right off the cob to fueling cars with ethanol additives, corn is the most versatile agricultural product on the planet. It has an astonishing array of products.

It fits like a glove in all cuisines. Putting  a small amount of effort transforms this to a gratifying treat.

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Ice cream BOMB!

_mg_8766This Ice cream BOMB explodes in your mouth, flooding the tongue with pure splendor, the layers of ice cream melts away with tidbits of cake in between, the taste and feeling is nothing short of heaven.

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Carrot leaves vada


I can only think of an inquisitive person or an ‘oddball’ to have tried experimenting with the carrot leaves as it is often a cast-off product.

The reason we don’t find carrot tops more often is because even after they leave the ground, the greens continue to draw moisture and energy from the root, so they’re removed to preserve the carrots. Seldom, carrot tops are sold by marketing them as leafy  greens.

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Congress Masala


Peanuts (Kadlekai in Kannada)are among the healthiest and most cost-effective snack options available.

Did you know? Peanut is  one of the most popular snacking items worldwide.

Congress masala, made using  Congress kadlekai ,is very easy to prepare and hassle free chaat. Eating these spiced and tangy peanuts is sure to uplift your mood. In Karnataka,India it’s commonly sold in bakeries, train/bus stations to munch on your journey and in stores where they sell fried goodies. It’s extremely popular and eaten by all.

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Mouth freshener with fennel seeds and candied ginger/lemon


Munching on a small amount of fennel seeds or betel nut after a heavy meal at home or parties is a common sight and enjoyed by one and all. It completes a meal for a few.

As I read how  fennel seeds can be paired with so many varieties of nuts and seeds, I was impressed. There can be umpteen variety to suit any taste bud. You can make it totally healthy, sweet version, spiced version and many more…

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Maddur Vade


For as long as I can remember, I have been going to Mysore. The most awaited part in this trip is taking a coffee break at the right junction.Even after a gluttonous meal you have a strong desire to stop and savor Maddur Vade-  a crispy delight . You suddenly feel the need to take this intentional break even if it’s most unbefitting.
No matter what, there is always place for maddur vade with a sip of fresh filter coffee.

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Plum Halfi with Jaggery


I wanted the flavours from plum to be at its peak and not from the gram flour or any other ingredient used in making burfis. Hence, I kept the texture light and soft which would have been a bit harder otherwise as in normal burfis.
Therefore I thought its more appropriate if its called halfi  because its shaped and made like burfi with a texture of halwa 😉

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Orange Kheer (Komala Kheer)


As the festive season begins with so much joy we get loads of fruits, offer it to god and after 2 days the  gracefully arranged  fruits starts staring at your face. That’s when I start to think of making something with it to finish it fast before it gets musty. Some fruits that have less shelf life will be consumed first the remaining ones get a make-over. This time it was after Ganesh Chaturthi that we had  a lot of fruits. So, each fruit gets its turn 😉

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